Thursday, 22 August 2013

Harvest, Fruits & Berries

It's very productive in the village where I live at the moment, with the harvest well underway and tractors thundering by, there is a real buzz of activity and a great sense of urgency to get the harvest in before the weather turns.

It's been pretty productive in the ARC Jewellery workshop too.  I have been playing with my rolling mill (I love my rolling mill!) and embossing patterns into silver sheet that have then been turned into earrings and pendants.  I've also been working on several new designs and preparing a bundle of work to be shipped to the London Assay Office for hallmarking.

Autumn is by far my favourite time of year and already there is a real autumnal feel in the air.  I can't wait to exchange my flip flops for boots and T shirts for wooly jumpers.  I look forward to long walks with the dogs, kicking through the crisp leaves and collecting kindling for the log burner.  Picking apples, pears, quince and berries to store for winter or turn into jams and chutneys.  

The autumn harvest and winter berries was the inspiration behind some of my latest pendants and earrings made with juicy plump agate beads and berry red jade.