Thursday, 2 August 2012

Silver and Copper

It's been a while since I was last here with any news and as I've recently been telling more people about my blog I thought it might be a good idea to update it!

So, lately I've been working on a few commission pieces, some earrings for the artist Lia Melia.  I'm really fond of the bass/treble clef pair so might just have to make some more of those for myself.                               

I've also been concentrating on pieces that are either just silver in simple shapes and designs or are lightly embellished with a small semi-precious stone.  

Details of all of these designs and many more pieces of my jewellery can be found on my website
I also recently made my first pair of copper earrings.  These are for my sister who doesn't like silver  so I made these copper earrings with a deep blue facetted agate bead.  Copper is a metal that I only usually use for practice pieces, when I'm trying out something new or a little complicated.  However, she's really delighted with these and I was also pleased with the way they turned out so I may start using it a bit more.

I've also been busy putting together my Etsy shop
I've just added a few things for now to see how it goes.  There's a great community feel on Etsy with lots of teams to join and forums to contribute to.  A really good way to get networking.  These leaf drop earrings have proved to be very popular on there so far...

Don't forget that you can shop online at for the items listed here.